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Jewish Cemetery in Athens was vandalized

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from the attack at the cemetary in Nikaia


The entrance of the Jewish Cemetery in Nikaia, a busy district of Pireaus was vandalized with threatening graffitis featuring nazi symbols last Wednesday October 21st, as the Israeli community of Athens reported last week. This attacks comes a year after the decegration, probably by the same group, of Athens Holocaust memorial.

This cemetery is adjacent to the 3rd Cemetery of Athens. Its use has started after the nazi occupation and the end of the world war II, when the Municipality of Athens offered this area to the Jewish community. Autonomous nationalists of Combat 18, a neonazi group which is responsible for countless attacks against various “targets” claimed responsibility for the decegration of the entrance of the cemetary, while after the attack, on their website. Greek authorities as usual never arrested any of the perpetrators of those kind of neonazi attacks as well as the “left scene” in Greece also din’t reported or organized any manifistations in solidarity with the Jewish communities, perhaps with only few exceptions.


A picture from the attack who was published on the blog of the neonazi group. source of the picture: enantiastonantisimitismo.wordpress.com

You can read more in english concerning this attack by against antisemitism blog and more on antisemitism in Greece, you can also visit the blog abravanel one of the few with english reports about antisemitic attacks and news about life of jewish communities in the country.


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