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against antisemitism blog reports “Greek politician suggests that the French Jews had foreknowledge of the Paris terror attacks”

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As the greek against antisemitism reported yesterday, a right-wing and conspiracy theory blog Anemos Anatropis published a screenshot of a Facebook post (November the 14th) by Panos Leliatsos, former member of the right-wing, part of the Government coalition Independent Greeks party, regarding the Paris terrorist attacks last week. In it, Leliatsos suggests that 9.000 French Jews decided to move to Israel three months ago following the call of the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem. By asking “does it mean something to you????” Leliatsos suggests that the French Jews were forewarned of the terror attacks in Paris and thus moved to Israel. Nevertheless, Leliatsos links an article related to the French Aliya towards Israel, which contradicts his claims, since it reports that many French Jews decided to leave their country after the Hyper Cacher terror attack in January 2014. Panos Leliatsos is not the only one who was accused for spreading conspiracy theories and antisemitic rhetoric in Greece. SYRIZA (coalition of the radical left) and Independent Greeks – among other political parties – make antisemitic statements in a regular basis. You can read a report by the blog against antisemitism  here, which actually has collected important articles during the unveiling of Kavala Holocaust memorial and the protests against it by local members of the Church and the conservative New Democracy party.  

Στιγμιότυπο πλήρους οθόνης 14112015 11958 πμ.bmp

the screenshot with the statement of Panos Leliatsos via anmemos anatropis.blogspot.com


Advance-knowledge conspiracy theories involving “the Jews” are widespread in Greece.A poll taken for state TV NET in October 2001 showed that 43% of Greeks believed the rumor that 4,000 Jews working in the Word Trade Center were forewarned and thus escaped death (see: Anti-Semitism in Greece: Recent Developments. Report by International Helsinki Federation for Human Rights and Greek Helsinki Monitor. June 16, 2003).

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