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Antisemitism in Greece: About K. Plevris

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The following video is the trailer of a documentary named Hate by Israeli journalist Nadav Eyal which was made last year, dealing with the issue of antisemitism in Europe as well as discrimination of various minorities. At the trailer of documentary is featured one of the most popular Nazi intellectuals in Greece, Konstantinos Plevris, also know for his book – that you can see in the video – named “the Jews, the whole truth”, a libel that you can find in most of bookstores in Greece, denying the Holocaust and spreading several lies and conspiracies about Jews. Konstantinos Plevris was legally persecuted for hate speach by the Board of Jewish communities in Greece and a group of anti-fascists, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Konstantinos Plevris was found guilty but was exonerated in Appeal.

Read more about the trial here: http://antinazi.gr/english/dikani/dikiapotel.htm and about the documentary here: https://enantiastonantisimitismo.wordpress.com/2015/11/20/plevris-private-empire-of-lies-video/



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