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Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Lashes Out Against Gays: “Spit on Them, Beat them Up, They Are Not Human”

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According the personal blog of Gregory Papas a new homophobic statement took place in Greece last days.

A Greek Orthodox Metropolitan of the Church of Greece is under fire for comments he posted publicly on his blog, lashing out against gays and atheists. In an angry rant he encouraged his readers and followers to “spit on them” and “blacken them” with violence, stating that they are not humans.

 Ambrosios is the Metropolitan of Kalavryta and Aigialeia— a region in north central Peloponnese and ranks as the 8th in order of hierarchy and influence in the Church’s synod, or governing body. Numerous politicians, media and public figures have called for condemnation of the bishop’s comments.

His vitriolic blog post (in Greek) followed legislation set forth by the ruling government to extend domestic partnership status to same-sex couples, granting them similar rights to those who are married.

Justice Ministry’s general secretary for human rights, Costas Papaioannou said “The state recognizes that there are other forms of family life than that which we know as marriage,” to Kathimerini’s English language edition, adding that the European Court of Justice shares this stance. Adding that that laws should adapt to the existing state of affairs, noting that the fact there are children being raised by gay couples is “a very significant social fact.” The revised bill aims to give gay couples in Greece the same tax status and inheritance rights enjoyed by heterosexual married couples.



1 Comment on Greek Orthodox Metropolitan Lashes Out Against Gays: “Spit on Them, Beat them Up, They Are Not Human”

  1. https://roides.wordpress.com/2012/06/20/20june12/
    The Greek Orthodox Church blessing the neo-Nazis
    Posted on 20/06/2012

    Priests of Aigion blessing the Nazis

    Ambrosius pro-nazi bishop of Aigio and Kalavryta:


    December 11, 2015


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