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Orthodox Abbot warns the Jews of the coming of a “Greek Hitler”

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According to Vice Greece, and against antisemitism blog around 4,000 people protested at Athens’s Propylaia on February 7th 2016 against the forthcoming Greek ID plastic cards, which will be issued with a microchip carrying the holder’s NI number. According always the same sources, the rally was organized by Greek Orthodox zealots, the so-called followers of the Old Calendar, and was actively supported by members of the neonazi scene and  the Golden Dawn party.

A photo from the rally. source: vice magazine

A photo from the rally. source: vice magazine

Abbot Methodios from the Esfigmenou monastery addressed the demonstrators accusing the Ecumenical Patriarch and the Greek politicians for trying to destroy the Orthodox traditions and deliver the country to the Jews. The abbot said that the Greek people don’t need the “Jewish money” in order to survive and threatened them with a new Hitler:
“If the Jews are complaining that Hitler came and killed them [some protesters cry out: lies!], they should be careful this time, because a Greek Hitler might come. They should be very careful!” 
The abbot’s Jew-hate rant was applauded by his supporters.
Update: Abbot Methodios represents a rebel community of zealot monks excommunicated for heresy. Read a related article by kathimerini newspaper here: http://www.ekathimerini.com/11379/article/ekathimerini/news/monastic-rebels-will-go-to-court
Rallies with conspiracy theory motives are common in Greece. Mobs from Christian fundamentalists together with neonazis often have been protested together. You can read an older article from 2011 from a simillar protest here: http://photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2011/03/27/6354953-orthodox-fundamentalists-protest-planned-id-cards-allege-they-contain-number-of-the-beast?lite
source of the information: against antisemitism

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