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Anti-Semitic signs at Switzerland hotel

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via Israel National News

A haredi family from Israel received a shock when they found an anti-Semitic sign at the Swiss hotel at which they were vacationing.

The family had found the Aparthaus Paradies hotel in the town of Arosa Switzerland online. Previous guests had given the hotel positive ratings.

However, when the family arrived at the hotel, they were greeted by a sign instructing all Jewish guests to shower before and after using the swimming pool.

The sign read in broken English: “To our Jewish guests, men women and children, please take a shower before you go swimming and also after swimming.”

The sign contained a threat to ban Jewish swimmers if they failed to comply. “If you break the rules, I’m forced to close the pool for you.”

“Thank you for understanding, Ruth Thomann,” the sign concludes.

“After we reserved rooms at the hotel, we talked to the woman in charge, who was very nice to us,” the father explained to News 2 Online. “We told her we were Jewish and she told us that a lot of Jews come there. She brought us what we needed for the baby. After we arrived, she was very nice.”

However, shortly after they settled in the hotel, they noticed a sign on the refrigerator saying that the Jewish guests were limited in using it.

“For our Jewish guests: You are allowed to access the refrigerator only in the following hours: 10:00-11:00 and 16:30-17:30,” the sign read. “I hope you understand that our team does not like being harassed every time.”

“We were in shock,” the father explained. “No one approached her because we did not want to start a confrontation, but the next day the other sign suddenly appeared at the pool, and that was very frightening.”

He said that they attempted to speak with the hotel director about the offensive signs, but she was nowhere to be found.

“It was very strange,” he continued. “Even the non-Jews did not understand – there is a very nice group of Jews here from all over the world – there are hardly any Israelis here [so it is not anti-Zionism] and everyone behaves in a very respectful way. It was very strange. It was a kind of anti-Semitism we have not been exposed to before.”

The offensive signs have been taken down.


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