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A comment on the crisis in Spain

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The latest news coming to us from Catalonia must put us in a deep critical reflection on the situation within the European capitalist formation of the EU and on the generalized political and social instability that characterizes it. We can not forget that in Catalonia there is a conflict between the interests of a generally privilege economic stratum and that of the Spanish state.

To a certain extent, we are dealing with the same contradiction, that as much as attempting a political unification of Europe within the framework of capitalist sovereignty, these plans will fall into the gap, precisely because of the contradictory nature of conflicting interests. We do not live anything else than the rottenness of the entire civilization of value

As long as the events in Catalonia are understood and analyzed in a left-populist way, if these events are not seen into a wider understanding of the renewal of nationalisms in Europe, they can not be understood in their entirety. Somewhat coarser, it is an intra-capitalist competition that has managed to mobilize the “crowd” with their political agenda, totally outside of the working class autonomy and its interests. On the other hand, repression demonstrates the full political dehydration of the European project … no good news from the old continent


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