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Final Update on Moishe Postone’s death (1942 – 2018)

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Ο Μοishe Postone σε μια επίσκεψη του στον τάφο του Marcuze.

According to the blog Charnel House here https://thecharnelhouse.org/2018/03/18/moishe-postone-1942-2018/,  and several other academic sources Postone died yesterday March 19th 2018. A great loss for marxism and critical theory. Every article in greek and english related to Moishe Postone can be found here: https://theshadesmag.wordpress.com/tag/moishe-postone/


The IWM deeply mourns the passing away of its Visiting Fellow, Moishe Postone, after a valiant battle against cancer. A renowned Marxist historian, critical theorist and political philosopher, he was the Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Modern History at the University and the College, as well as the Center of Jewish Studies at the University of Chicago. Furthermore, he was co-director of the Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory.

At the IWM he was currently working on a book that fundamentally rethinks Marx’s magnum opus, Volume I of Capital, and recasts its significance as a foundational work of social theory. His last public talk in Vienna entitled “Marx in the Age of Trump” was at the Vienna Humanities Festival in September 2017. We will remember and miss his indomitable spirit, his wonderful sense of humor and the sparkle in his eyes as he discussed at lunch or in the library political issues of the day while arguing for the relevance of Marxist theory to an understanding of these.



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