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Η Εξέγερση των Ελλήνων Εβραίων στο Άουσβιτς

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Η άγνωστη εξέγερση των Ελλήνων Εβραίων στο Άουσβιτς τον Οκτώβριο του 1944

Τα ονόματα 60 περίπου συμμετεχόντων:
Maurice Aron
Baruch Baruch (born in Arta in 1915)
Isaac Barouch
Iosif Barouch (born in Corfu)
Aaron Barzilai
Daniel Bennahmias
Matys Bitali (born in Arta in 1913)
Jacob Broudo
Henri Nehama Capon
Lean Cohen
Raoul Djahon (born in Thessaloniki in 1919)
Alberta Moissi Errera (born in Larissa)
Dario Gabai
Albert Gani (born in Preveza in 1916)
Joseph Gani (born in Preveza in 1926)
Moise Gani (born in Preveza in 1913)
Pepo Gani (born in Preveza)
Albert Jachon
Haim Cohen
Joseph Levy
Samuel Levi (born in Ioannina in 1906)
Sabetay Levis (born in Constantinople in 1910)
Mois Levy (born in Constantinople in 1914)
Michael Matsas (born in Corfu in 1909)
Elia Mazza (born in Ioannina in 1902)
Menasche (born in Xanthi in 1908)
Mechoulam Eliezer (born in Xanthi in 1908)
Abroum Meli (born in Kavala in 1902)
Haim Misan (born in Arta in 1922)
Moissis Misan (born in Arta in 1924)
Albertos Misrachi (born in Chios in 1910)
Mois Misrahis (born in Chios in 1911)
Moissis Negrin (born in Ioannina in 1909)
Dani Marc Nachmias
Yossif Namer (born in Athens in 1924)
Marcel Nadjary (born in Thessaloniki in 1917)
Eugen Nakamoulis (born in Constantinople in 1904)
David Persiadis
Salomone Pinhas (born in Thessaloniki in 1924)
Isaac Samuel Rousso
Erikos Sevillias
Selomo brothers
Moissis Serris (born in Ioannina in 1919)
Samuel Sidis (born in Trikala in 1904)
Isaac Soussis (born in Arta in 1902)
Jacques Soussis (born in Athens in 1909)
Moissis Sabbetai (born in Arta in 1909)
Giosepos Sabas (born in Arta in 1912)
Pesos Sabas (born in Arta in 1912)
Savas Sabetai (born in Trikala in 1911)
Albert Salvado
Alberto Tzachon
Joseph Varouh (born in Corfu in 1910)
Hugo Barouh Venezia
Isaak Venezia
Mois Venezia (born in Thessaloniki in 1921)
Salomone (Shlomo) Venezia (born in Thessaloniki in 1923)
Menahem Zakar (born in Patras in 1918)
Yozef Zakar (born in Arta in 1924)


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