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Berlin: The Warsaw Ghetto as seen through Nazi eyes (screening & discussion)

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A Film Unfinished (שתיקת הארכיון Shtikat haArkhion) is a 2010 documentary film by Yael Hersonski, which re-examines the making of anunfinished 1942 German propaganda film (titled Das Ghetto, “The Ghetto”) depicting the Warsaw Ghetto two months before the mass extermination of its inhabitants in the German operation known as the Grossaktion Warsaw.

The documentary features interviews with surviving ghetto residents and a re-enactment of testimony from Willy Wist, one of the camera operators who filmed scenes for Das Ghetto. The purposes behind the making of the original nazi material still remain unknown. This topic will be up for discussion after the screening.

In Laidak Boddinstrasse 42 Neükolln January 29, 2019 19.00pm

link with the event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2529237803759504/



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