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Deliveroo drivers on wildcat strike

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An other myth of the “new” start up economy of capitalism is coming to an end. Deliveroo is one of most known food delivery companies which is extended in many cities in Europe such as Berlin, London, Amsterdam and Paris. Precarious conditions and high explotation of workers in London leaded them to on a wild strike as Libcom  reported few days ago. More precise, hundreds of workers are staging vocal protests outside the head office of the firm in central London after the strike began early on Wednesday evening August 10th 2016. The IWGB union claims: “currently drivers earn £7/hour + £1/delivery. Deliveroo want to ditch the hourly rate, and move to a piece rate system, where drivers would only earn £3.75/delivery.”

On Thursday evening August 11th 2016, the managing director went to talk with workers, encouraging them to enter into indvidual negotiations. This offer was loudly rejected by workers demanding collective bargaining.

More information and updates on the dispute can be found on the IWGB website: https://iwgbclb.wordpress.com/2016/08/16/deliveroo-strike-update-4/ 

more info in Greek here: http://www.efsyn.gr/arthro/slaveroo-apergia-stin-ergasia-toy-mellontos


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